Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Corruption Perceptions Index

The Transparency International(TI) has released the 2009 corruption perception index. Countries are given score on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 for the most corrupt & 10 for the least corrupt. Then, the countries are being ranked according to the score. 180 countries have been ranked by TI in the index.

With a score of just 3.4, India has been ranked 84th on the list. New Zealand is least corrupt nation and Somalia is the most corrupt nation.

Ratings of certain other countries:

It's really strange that Switzerland, which "enables" the politicians & business tycoons of a lot of countries to safely keep their corruptly earned money & wealth amassed by tax evasion, is ranked 5.

I am not sure if the constitution of a country has anything to do with corruption. For example, Oman is a monarchy & Nepal was also a monarchy, till recently. But, see the difference between these two countries' ratings.

India is a democracy. The people have the power to throw away corrupt politicians from the Government. But, unfortunately, when all are corrupt, this "concept of democracy" does not hold any value. When Telecom Minister Raja is being charged with a multi-crore corruption, he doesn't bother to refuse the charges; he simply talks about the corruption happened during NDA rule. When Koda is charged with a multi-crore corruption, he simply says that he will reveal the names of the Congress leaders involved in the scam. These corruption cases will go on & on ...

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