Saturday, November 14, 2009

China's gift to Pakistan

It's now official!!! China gifted uranium and a do-it-yourself kit for Pakistan. This fact was long known. The toolkit has been casually passed to Iran, Libya & to many other countries by the A Q Khan network.

The Chinese intentions are crystal clear and very much worrying. Our politicians are busy fighting with each other and China is busy building up bases around us in Pak, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Burma. It would be very difficult for India if China & Pakistan open a two front war, which seems to be a likely scenario. The probability of such an event is increasing day by day.

If the Indian politicians believe that the US will intervene, then they are definitely wrong. The recent action of Obama in refusing to meet Dalai Lama during his US visit, clearly underscores the US dilemma over angering China. Obama's action is obvious. When you are deeply indebted to a person, obviously, you have to dance to his tunes.

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