Saturday, January 23, 2010

Statistics about countries in the world.

A FAQ on geography is the total number of countries in the world. I just got curious to know the exact count & googled to find it out. While searching for this, I stumbled upon many other interesting facts.

Total number of countries:

Totally, there are 195 countries in the world. But, this figure includes Taiwan. Eventhough, Taiwan functions like an independent country with a separate capital & currency, it is not recognised so by most of the countries due to Chinese pressure. China claims Taiwan as its province.

U.N. members:

Amongst the remaining 194 countries, 192 are U.N. members. Vatican City & Kosovo, two recognized independent countries, are not members of U.N.

World's Newest Countries:

Kosovo is the newest country of the world. It was formed from Serbia in the year 2008. Prior to that Serbia & Montenegro got independence in the year 2006 (both formed from Yugoslavia).

33 new countries have been created since 1990. Most of them were formed due to the soviet collapse & breakup of Yugoslavia.

World's Smallest Countries (by area):

Following are the smallest countries in the world:

1. Vatican City
2. Monaco
3. Nauru
4. Tuvalu
5. San Marino

Nauru is the smallest island nation in the world. Vatican City has a land area of just 0.44 sq.miles !!!

World's Biggest Countries (by area):

1. Russia
2. Canada
3. China
4. United States
5. Brazil
6. Australia
7. India

Russia's area is equivalent to 11.5% of the world's total area !!! The top 7 countries hold around 44% of the world's total area !!!

World's smallest countries (by population):

1. Vatican City
2. Tuvalu
3. Nauru
4. Palau
5. San Marino

Vatican City has a population of just 920 people !!!

World's biggest countries (by population):

1. China
2. India
3. United States
4. Indonesia
5. Brazil

China & India alone contribute around 40% of the world's total population !!!


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