Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz

Got to explore Google Buzz, the new tool for social networking, today...In some articles on the web, it was written, that Buzz is facebook & twitter put together. But, I feel it is exactly similar to twitter with provision for sharing of photos and videos. Also, one can send "mega" 140 character restriction here..

You don't have communities or wall-like concepts in Buzz. It is just following others & being followed by others, similar to Twitter. Integration into Gmail is a plus, which assists, atleast initially, for getting followers & to follow others. Twitter lacks in this. Already some people opine that Buzz is the beginning of the end of Twitter as Buzz is integrated with Gmail.

Further, one's picasa, youtube, twitter, blogger accounts can also be linked in Buzz. Facility to link picasa & youtube accounts will make sharing of photos & videos much simpler.

Link to twitter feature is there, but it is one way. Public tweets in Twitter will be "broadcast" in buzz, but not the other way round.

Have to explore to know more about the above features & to check out for features that are unique to buzz.


  1. Thanks Anada 4 clear idea abt google buzz.

  2. I have been meaning to explore Buzz... good to read a this post and get an idea of what to expect.

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  4. Buzz is really cool. I have been buzzing a lot. Blog posts have to be formal. Buzz is simple & can be or rather, has to informal. It's fun to share one's thoughts instantly & get feedback/comments from his/her followers. And all this, inside gmail.