Friday, January 1, 2010

Are smaller states good for the country?

The Telengana issue has led to demands for smaller states across the country. Some politicians are following the same 'fast till death' strategy of KCR. These dramas are being made by the politicians to further their own interests rather than the region's interests.

While some experts are for smaller states as it would lead to better governance, some opine that it would disintegrate the country.

I don't understand as to why it should be difficult to manage bigger states as every state is divided into districts and we have a collector to administer every district. So, I don't agree with the argument that bigger states are difficult to administer.

I list below some of the reasons as to why I am not for creation of smaller states:

1. It would fuel regionalism & politicians would try to milk the regionalism (as the Thackerays are doing in Maharashtra)

2. It would increase the inter-state disputes over border, water sharing, etc.

3. Needless expenditure towards state elections, assembly, ministry, etc.

4. It would lead to the birth of a lot more political parties & add to the already long list.

5. Creation of small states like Jharkand, Uttarakhand & Chattisgarh has not lead to any significant improvement in the region's economy.

Due to the aforesaid reasons, I feel smaller states would be a bane for the country.

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