Thursday, January 28, 2010

IPL Pakistan controversy

There is lot of controversy over the exclusion of all the Pakistani players in the IPL3 auction. Now, the Indian Government has blamed the IPL management in strong words. Mr. P. Chidambaram, Home Minister has remarked in an interview that the IPL has done "disservice to cricket" by not selecting any of the Pakistani players.

The Indo-Pak diplomatic relations is an on-off affair. It will continue to remain so as Pakistan is an "adventurous" country. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Yousuf Raza Gilani has openly commented that the Pak Government can't assure that another 26/11-type attack will not happen again in India. That's true. When his own country is not in his control, it's absurd to expect such a guarantee from him. Even if he has the control, then too, it's absurd to expect such a guarantee as terrorism is a part & parcel of Pak's foreign policy.

In such a scenario, how can anyone expect the franchisees to risk "buying" the Pakistani players (cricket players have become a commodity that they are being auctioned & bought; players have no complaints, why will they? when they are getting paid in millions of dollars for going under the hammer!!) by spending millions of dollars when there is so much uncertainity on the players' availability. Either the Pakistani Government/Board may restrain their players from participating in IPL or the Indian Government may refuse visas to the players.

As far as SRK's comments are concerned, I think he had his films in his mind. Indian movies are a big hit in Pakistan, naa... He wants to have the cake & eat it too... On one side, he himself has not bought any of the Pak players & on the other side, by his soothing comments, he has ensured that there are no problems for releasing "My Name is Khan" in Pakistan. He's a shrewd business man.

I think it was logical on the part of the franchisees to have decided against buying the Pakistani players. I feel PC went overboard to please the Pakistanis by his strong comments. External Affairs Minister Mr.S.M.Krishna's comment advising the Pak Government to draw a line between Government & private events was the correct reply to the "angered" Pakistanis by the so-called IPL snub. I really don't understand as to why the Government of India should take efforts to pacify Pakistan on this issue.

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