Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ruchika molestation case.

I was very disturbed by the event that unfolded last week, the Ruchika molestation case.

Fourteen-year-old Ruchika was molested by the then IG of Police and Haryana Lawn Tennis Association president, S.P.S.Rathore in 1990. Ruchika was a budding tennis player. When a case was registered against Rathore, he misused the power of his position to force the family to withdraw the complaint by expelling the girl from the school, filing false cases against the girl's brother & torturing him and threatening the family members. The little heart broke down and committed suicide three years later, in 1993, due to the psychological trauma she had to suffer.

It's really sad that a little girl's life came to an end in such a manner due to the arrogance of one man. What is more depressing is that it took 19 years for passing the judgement of this case; that too in the trial court (now, the case will be heard again in high court & supreme court for some more years). I really don't  understand as to how it takes so long for completing the arguments of a case. Who will have the patience to wait for such a long period? 19 years is just too long....and the punishment...just six months..for having ruined a little girl's life. What this guy has done is far worse than a murder. And what is more irritating is to see that man coming out of the court with a smile on his face as if he has achieved something. He seems to be a cruel hearted & shameless creature.

Our legal system requires a complete overhaul so that appropriate justice is rendered in a reasonable time frame.

With so much public & media pressure, hope justice is rendered in this case by punishing Rathore more severely for having forced the girl to commit suicide.

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  1. I blogged about this too. I heard her father on the TV and it was heart breaking... There must be thousands more like Ruchika, many won't dare to complain and many others will be asked by their families not to complain.