Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review of Epic, the first Indian browser

I got excited when I read a post on techtree about the launch of a new browser Epic, made by an Indian for the Indians. This is made possible by a Bangalore based company Hidden Reflex. Of course,  people of other nationalities can also use this wonderful browser, but it has a couple of India specific features.  

About the company:  (source : techtree )

The company was founded by the then U.S. based Engineer Mr.Alok Bhardwaj in 2007. However, the company is currently based in Bangalore. They initially had a team of three members and have now grown to quite a bunch of people who are working on two separate products. The first one, Epic, has already been launched. The other one is still in the making.

About Epic:
  • Epic is based on the open source Mozilla platform
  • The first web browser by an Indian company
  • Built in anti virus protection
  • Hundreds of side bar apps/widgets
  • Anti phishing protection (nothing technical about this)
  • Inbuilt malicious website warning
  • The Collection Feature
  • Indian themes & wallpapers
  • Indic Language support (16 languages)
  • Built in word processor with support for 12 Indian languages
  • One click private browsing (romba mukiyam)

Features I loved :

  Collections : You can create a collection of your favourite websites and with a single click, you can open all the sites at once. For example, you can create a collection named "Blogs" and add your favourite blogs (for eg.,  :P )  to this collection & with a single click all the blogs will get opened in separate tabs in the same window.

 Sharing links : 
Sharing links of webpages & videos on 
- social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut, buzz, etc. 
- or bookmarking them on digg, delicious, etc.
- or posting on your blogs
is so easy. Just click on the "star" icon on the top of the page in the tab & you are done.

  Write is built in word processor (yes, within the browser) with Indic language support (16 languages)

This feature is good
ये एक अच्छी सुविधा है
இந்த விசேஷ அம்சம் ரொம்ப அருமை !!!

India content :  Lots of Indian content viz., News feeds in English, Hindi & regional languages from various news sites, City specific events, live TV (NDTV), selective video clips of various news & entertainment channels  & many other contents.

Using Epic Skins, the entire appearance of the browser can be modified. Lots & lots of India specific themes and wallpapers are available. My favourites picks are Katrina, Aish, SRK, A R Rahman,  IPL, Regional (Andaman & Nicobar Islands is marvellous), children (child with mehendi is very cute). You can have your own photos as the Epic's wallpaper.

Social Networking :  Sidebar apps available for accessing Twitter, facebook, orkut, gmail & yahoo mail as in a mobile device.

Lots of interesting & useful apps available, which can be installed easily by a few clicks.

Most of Epic's features may be available in Firefox browser as well (I haven't used Firefox much), as Epic is built on the Mozilla platform. But, still, I would say that it is a great effort on the part of the Hidden Reflex team taking into account the unique appearance, side bar apps, indian content & a host of other features. 

Congratulations to the Hidden Reflex team & best wishes for the Epic browser !!!

Click here to download Epic.

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