Thursday, March 4, 2010

Politics of hate !!!

The events unfolding in Maharashtra are well known to everyone. The Thackeray cousins are in a war of one-upmanship to "prove" that they are the "real saviours" of the Marathi language & the Maharashtrians.

I have a few Maharashtrian friends, a more appropriate description would be, my Indian Friends born & brought up in the state of Maharashtra. I am pained by their "complete, blind & unstinted support" to the violent & illegal ways of the Thackeray cousins. I just can't imagine as to how they justify innocent individuals being beaten up by 10 or more people for no fault of theirs. When I criticise the Thackerays, they feel that I am doing so because I am also an "outsider" (Really strange that I am being considered as an outsider in my own country).

I am equally critical of the tactics adopted by Mr.Karunanidhi in the 1970's. Due to his vehement opposition to Hindi, which is our national language, North Indians find Tamil Nadu a tough place to visit today as communication has become difficult (Living in a foreign country is easy than in Tamil Nadu for many of the North Indians). He also calls himself as the "saviour of tamils". What he did for the country, society & for his own "families" is well known. His sons, daughter, nephew all enjoy minister posts.

What is a language? It's a tool to communicate; express our feelings. Having a national language integrates our nation. It gives freedom for a citizen to travel to any part of the country without any problem.

The "act" of the Thackeray cousins has an international term. It is called "protectionism". US President Barrack Obama is also a "protectionist". He is against "outsourcing" as it leads to "flight of jobs to outsiders". I don't have any complaints on Obama as he does his job in a legal manner. He reduces the H1B visas, imposes penalty on companies which outsource jobs, etc. Imagine if the Indians are being roughed up by the Democrats in US as is happening in Australia!!!

What the Thackerays are doing is something similar to what is happening in Australia. Mr.Udhav Thackeray criticises the Australians for beating up the Indians. But, his own party men are doing the same thing in our own country!!! What is the difference?

I have no complaints if the Thackerays pursue their "policies" in a legal manner. Let them announce in their election manifesto that if they are voted to power, then they will start a "permit regime" for entering Mumbai. Let them pass such a bill in the Assembly & make it legal, if they are voted to power. Then, I won't have any complaints. But, what they are doing now is definitely illegal & against national integrity.